Reviews Are In: Trumpcare An Assault on Americans

Congress’s own economists are back with their report on Trumpcare. The Congressional Budget Office, which is directed by a Republican, confirmed that Trumpcare is an assault on Americans.


Trumpcare punishes the sick, forcing many of them to pay eye-popping premiums and out-of-pocket costs.


Kaiser Health News: “Millions Of Ill People May Face ‘Extremely High Premiums’ Under House Bill, CBO Says”


Wall Street Journal: “Where states opt out of some of the ACA’s rules, ‘less healthy people would face extremely high premiums.’ It also noted that in some cases, lower premiums would be offset by higher out-of-pocket medical costs.”


Over 60 or pregnant? You might have to fork over thousands more per year to get the care you need


Washington Post: “a 64-year-old earning $26,500 a year would have to pay about 850 percent more for their plan under the GOP bill compared to under the ACA.”


CNBC:  “GOP health-care bill could cost women $1,000 more per month for 'maternity' insurance coverage — and even more when they have kids”


Trumpcare could kick 23 million Americans off their insurance while reducing coverage for millions more.


Business Insider: “CBO says GOP healthcare bill would leave 23 million more uninsured, undermine protections for people with preexisting conditions”


Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: “In states that make more ‘moderate’ changes to consumer protections, premiums would fall because plans would cover much less. CBO expects states with one-third of the population to be in this category.”


It would also “throw many insurance markets into chaos,” jacking up premiums.


Business Insider: “CBO report says the GOP healthcare bill could throw many insurance markets into chaos”


Washington Post: “Under the GOP plan, the report states, ‘about one-sixth of the population resides in areas in which the nongroup market would start to become unstable beginning in 2020.’”


Who’s happy about this report? Paul Ryan apparently can’t wait to bankrupt pregnant women and the chronically ill to pay for a massive tax cut for the rich.


Paul Ryan: “This @USCBO report again confirms that the American Health Care Act will lower premiums and the deficit.”


NBC’s Benjy Sarlin:”Exactly what happened last time with CBO. WH says the report is wrong, Paul Ryan says the report is awesome.”


How bad is it?


Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin: “The CBO confirms: The Republican health-care bill is rotten legislation”


Vox’s Ezra Klein: “Together, Trump's budget and healthcare bill should be treated as a scandal.”


Vanity Fair: “The new C.B.O. score for the Republican health-care plan is in, and the results are devastating”


Yesterday’s report told us what we already knew: Trumpcare is a punch in the face to the millions of Americans who rely on the Affordable Care Act to stay alive and affordably insured.