REVIEWS: Trump Promised Optimism, Instead We Got More Of The Same Fear And Division

The reviews are in. Trump and Republicans claimed that we’d hear an optimistic and uplifting message at the convention this week. Instead, we only got more of the same lies, divisive rhetoric, and fearmongering, which of course was entirely predictable.

Business Insider: “Night one of the RNC was all about spreading fear, in stark contrast to the hopeful message of the DNC”

Washington Post: “The GOP claimed that this convention would be significantly more optimistic than Democrats’ last week. Most of what we got Monday was decidedly not that.

HuffPost: “GOP Convention Embraces Anger And Fear, Despite Being Billed As ‘Optimistic’”

ABC News: “Trump’s convention sells optimism – based on grievance and fear

Vox: “Trump promised an ‘uplifting and positive’ RNC. That didn’t last long.

CNN: “Trump uses dark message to kick off RNC despite aides’ claims of optimism”

Bloomberg: “Trump Defends Virus Response While GOP Makes Fear an Early Theme

Washington Post: “Republican convention speakers share dark vision of Democrats and praise Trump’s character”