Rick Scott Doesn’t Care About Poor People

Today, Senator Rick Scott hypocritically, and outrageously, tried to claim that President Biden doesn’t care about poor people in this country. Let us not forget this is the same senator who called higher costs for struggling families a political “gold mine,” and laid out a policy platform to raise taxes on half of Americans – hurting the poorest Americans the most.  

Senator Scott’s spin in today’s press conference reeks of desperation to distract from the fact that, while President Biden and Democrats are working hard to lower costs, he has no plan to lower costs and would only make things more difficult for working families. 


HuffPost’s Igor Bobic: “Rick Scott, in remarks on inflation at weekly GOP presser, claims Biden ‘doesn’t care about poor people in this country’”


 Tax Policy Center: “Scott’s ‘Skin In The Game’ Plan Could Raise Taxes By $100 Billion in 2022, Mostly On Low- And Moderate-Income Households”

MSNBC: “Looking ahead to the 2022 midterm election cycle, the Florida Republican, who leads the National Republican Senatorial Committee, seemed eager to celebrate inflation. ‘This is a gold mine for us,’ the senator said.”