Rick Scott Is Lying, AGAIN

NRSC Chair Senator Rick Scott wrapped up his speech at the Heritage Foundation where he blatantly lied about his agenda for the Republican Party. Rick Scott could hold an event defending his plan every day from now until the election, but the facts would stay the same: His plan would raise taxes on millions of Americans. 

The facts are clear: Rick Scott’s plan would raise taxes on half of Americans. 

CNN: “Scott’s plan does call for raising taxes, specifically that all Americans should pay ‘some’ income tax, even the ‘over half’ of Americans who don’t currently pay any.”

Washington Post: “New tax plan from leading GOP senator would require all Americans to pay federal income taxes”

Florida Politics: “Rick Scott says it’s ‘unfair’ that poor people don’t pay income tax”

NPR: “Sen. Rick Scott wants every American to pay at least some income taxes”

The Guardian: “Republican senator says tax rises in own plan are ‘Democratic talking points’”

Rick Scott laid out his blueprint for the American people – raising taxes for over half the country, including seniors and retirees – and Republicans have already lined up to support it:

Joni Ernst: “I think every Republican, as we step forward, will determine what is in the best interest for their own party dynamics within their states and defending what we believe to be true, liberty, freedom, you name it, that’s what we are for.”

Ron Johnson: “It’s a positive thing.” 

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel: “Republicans like Senator @ScottforFlorida have real solutions to put us back on track.”

Senator Mike Braun: “Independents are the individuals that elect the swing-state senators and the president, and I think they want something other than no or I’m not interested… I’m glad Rick did it. Nothing is going to be perfect…we’ve got to be for something.”

Senator Marco Rubio: “I think it’s good that people offer ideas.”

Newt Gingrich: “I strongly endorse the direction Sen. Scott is taking in the Senate, and that Leader Kevin McCarthy is taking in the House. Both men understand that a political party has to stand for something and not simply campaign against the other side.”

Senator Tommy Tuberville: “On board” with Scott’s blueprint 

Congressman Matt Gaetz: “Proud of @SenRickScott for producing this bold agenda!”

Politico: “Those who agree with his decision to put out an agenda — a group that includes senior officials at the RNC — say that donors and GOP voters are eager for a forward-looking agenda laying out what Republicans will do if they win. There’s a concern about a repeat of 2017, when Republicans, after running on repealing Obamacare, had basically no plan to realize that promise.”