Rick Scott Takes His MAGA Agenda To Battleground States

National Republican Senatorial Committee Chair Rick Scott has made it clear: The Republican agenda includes an extreme plan to end the Social Security and Medicare guarantees and raise taxes on half of working families. Scott’s agenda is wildly unpopular and he’s decided to take it on the road to show voters across the country what’s at stake if Republicans take control in November. 

Rick Scott is hitting battleground states to highlight his agenda to raise taxes on working families and end the Social Security and Medicare guarantee – a welcomed demonstration of how wildly out of touch Republicans are with the American people. 

Fox News’s Paul Steinhauser: “NEW on @FoxNews – @SenRickScott -the @NRSC chair – to headline @SCNHGOP (Sullivan County New Hampshire GOP) Lincoln Reagan fundraising dinner on May 20. Scott was last in N.H. in August.”

NC GOP Convention: “Congressional Luncheon featuring Senator Rick Scott”

Let’s be clear: Rick Scott laid out his blueprint for the American people – raising taxes for half the country, including seniors and retirees – and everyone from elected Republicans to Senate candidates are lining up to support it.

Fox 8 WGPH: North Carolina Senate candidate Ted Budd “generally agreed with some of [the Scott plan’s] major points.”

Pennsylvania Senate Candidate Mehmet Oz on Scott’s proposal: “He also has a vision for what the party can do going forward’”

Senator Ron Johnson: “It’s a positive thing.” 

Senator Mike Braun: “Independents are the individuals that elect the swing-state senators and the president, and I think they want something other than no or I’m not interested… I’m glad Rick did it. Nothing is going to be perfect…we’ve got to be for something.”

Senator Joni Ernst: “I think every Republican, as we step forward, will determine what is in the best interest for their own party dynamics within their states and defending what we believe to be true, liberty, freedom, you name it, that’s what we are for.”

Arizona Senate Candidate Jim Lamon: “Rick [Scott] called the other day, I said, ‘Dude, you go on my website?’ You know, it looked awful familiar, right?’”