RISE AND SHINE: Kevin McCarthy Ripped for Cowardice As GOP Tears Itself Apart

Kevin McCarthy, once again, is under fire from all sides of his party, which continues to tear itself apart. It turns out wholly surrendering your caucus to Donald Trump, throwing vulnerable members under the bus, and refusing to meet with Capitol Police officers who defended the Capitol on January 6 isn’t conducive to being a competent leader, let alone having a good day.

Washington Post – Editorial Board: “Kevin McCarthy plumbs new depths of political cowardice”

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MSNBC: “Kevin McCarthy’s Jan. 6 cowardice puts Congress in danger”

Daily Beast: “Sweaty Trump Stooge Kevin McCarthy Tries to Kill Jan. 6 Commission”

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The Nation: “Kevin McCarthy Sinks Even Lower”

Mediaite: “‘Sad and Pathetic’: Democratic Rep. Calls Kevin McCarthy a ‘Weak and Cowardly’ Person Who Doesn’t Want to Get ‘Disinvited to Mar-a-Lago’”

Punchbowl: “For the second week in a row, House Republicans find themselves engaged in a nasty round of internecine warfare, second-guessing and turning against the tactics of their leadership … Behind all this internal GOP drama, of course, looms former President Donald Trump. He fomented the insurrection at the Capitol, and it’s his actions — and those of his allies and aides, including McCarthy — that the commission is ultimately designed to look at.”