RNC Backs Rick Scott’s Agenda To Raise Taxes On The American People

The Republican Party is coalescing around Rick Scott’s 2022 blueprint and now new reporting confirms leaders of the Republican National Committee are as well. DNC spokesperson Adonna Biel released the following statement:

“Until this week, the Republican Party tried to hide their agenda and we can see why. Rick Scott laid out his blueprint for the American people – raising taxes for over half the country, including seniors, and prioritizing culture wars over helping working families – and it’s no surprise the Republican National Committee would support that agenda. At least now we know for certain where the Republican Party stands, and we will make certain voters know too.”

So what exactly is the plan Republicans are backing? 

  • Washington Post: “New tax plan from leading GOP senator would require all Americans to pay federal income taxes”
  • CNN: “Scott’s plan does call for raising taxes, specifically that all Americans should pay ‘some; income tax, even the ‘over half’ of Americans who don’t currently pay any.”
  • Business Insider: “GOP Senate campaign chair Rick Scott releases agenda that calls for finishing border wall and naming it after Trump”