RNC Convention A ‘Fire Hose’ Of Lies — That’s The Only Way They Can Defend Trump’s Record

Yesterday, Republicans sought to defend Trump’s record and demonstrate how he will deliver for the American people. Of course, the only way they were able to do that was with incessant lies and a full rewrite of history.

The first night of the Republican convention was filled with endless lies.

CNN: “Fact check: First night of the Republican National Convention features more dishonesty than four nights of DNC”

Washington Post: “The first night of the 2020 Republican National Convention was a fire hose of false or misleading claims.”

New York Times: “President Trump and his political allies mounted a fierce and misleading defense of his political record.”

Republicans tried to paint an alternate reality of Trump’s failed pandemic response, his divisive rhetoric, and the crumbling economy.

Politico: “RNC tries to rewrite pandemic history, casting Trump as decisive leader”

New York Times: “That’s a lot of revisionist history to pack into one empty auditorium.”

New York Times: “At times, the speakers and prerecorded videos appeared to be describing an alternate reality: one in which the nation was not nearing 180,000 deaths from the coronavirus; in which Mr. Trump had not consistently ignored serious warnings about the disease; in which the president had not spent much of his term appealing openly to xenophobia and racial animus; and in which someone other than Mr. Trump had presided over an economy that began crumbling in the spring.”

Trump made a “dizzying array of misleading claims” about voter fraud and health care, including that he will protect people with preexisting conditions.

Associated Press: “President Donald Trump made a dizzying array of misleading claims about voting fraud and health care as fellow Republicans opened their convention with speeches distorting the agenda of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden. Trump falsely asserted that he was the one who ensured that people with preexisting medical problems will be covered by health insurance; actually that was Democratic President Barack Obama.”

Republicans also misled on Trump’s criminal justice record and tried to take credit for work done under President Obama.

Washington Post: “Trump signed the First Step Act in 2018, and it was described as historic criminal justice reform. But one of the biggest pieces of the First Step Act — a provision that reduced sentences for crack cocaine offenses — was an extension of Obama’s efforts in 2010. Moreover, a Washington Post investigation found that Trump’s Justice Department is working to limit the number of inmates who might benefit from the First Step Act.”