RNC Funnels Even More Money To Trump Family At Spring Meeting

As the RNC’s spring meeting begins today at Trump’s golf resort in Doral, here’s a look at how they have chosen to spend their money since Trump’s election:


$234,000 –Amount the RNC has spent at Trump’s Doral property since the beginning of this year.


$424,000 – Amount the RNC has spent at Trump properties in the first two months of this year alone.


$1.1 million – Amount the RNC has spent at Trump properties since the election.


$2.5 million – Amount the RNC is on track to spend at Trump properties in total this year.


Priceless – RNC raising money from people like Steve Wynn, Elliott Broidy and Michael Cohen to enrich Trump’s businesses, while Democrats flip 40 state legislative seats, notch big wins in Virginia, Alabama and Pennsylvania, and drastically close the gap in Arizona.