Ron DeSantis HIDES from Abortion Record in New Hampshire

After repeatedly bragging about his six week abortion ban in Iowa, Ron DeSantis changed his tune, and made exactly *zero* mentions of his abortion ban while in New Hampshire.In response, DNC National Press Secretary and Rapid Response Director Ammar Moussa released the following statement:

“Ron DeSantis and MAGA Republicans know their extreme anti-choice records are wildly unpopular with the American people, but if DeSantis thinks he can hide from his role passing one of the strictest, cruelest abortion bans in the country, he is sorely mistaken. Democrats will continue to highlight just how dangerous the MAGA agenda is and work to protect the freedom for women to make their own health care decisions.”

Ron DeSantis made ZERO mentions of his extreme abortion ban in New Hampshire.

New York Times: “But what he did not mention was the six-week abortion ban he signed in Florida this year. The ban — which Mr. DeSantis chose to highlight in his speeches to audiences in socially conservative Iowa this week — is a potential lightning rod for voters in more moderate New Hampshire.”

The Messenger: “On abortion, DeSantis was silent, despite recently signing a six-week abortion ban into law in his home state last month.” 

Union Leader: “During the trip, DeSantis did not mention his opposition to abortion even though last month he signed a law in Florida making the procedure illegal after six weeks.”

As a reminder, Ron DeSantis signed one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the country into law, which bans abortion before many women even know they’re pregnant, and has repeatedly bragged about it.

Tampa Bay Times: “Late Thursday night, in a private ceremony in his office, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill to ban most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. … His office announced the signing in a highly unusual news release sent out after 11 p.m., then updated his schedule to say the ceremony happened at 10:45 p.m.”

DeSantis: “That’s a landmark piece of legislation for this state and I was happy to be able to sign that provision into law in April, but we also understand that there’s much more to do.”

DeSantis: “‘I signed the bill, I was proud to do it.”

Less than an hour after his disastrous campaign launch, DeSantis opened the door to banning abortion nationwide.

DeSantis: “Dobbs returned the issue to the elected representatives as a people. And so I think that there’s, there’s role for both the federal and the state.”

Just last year, DeSantis also signed into law a different abortion ban, which has NO EXCEPTIONS for rape or incest.

Orlando Weekly: “Middle school-aged incest victim was turned away from Florida abortion clinics under 15-week ban”

Washington Post: “Two friends were denied care after Florida banned abortion. One almost died.”

CNN: “Florida law allows abortions after 15 weeks if two doctors confirm the diagnosis of a fatal fetal abnormality in writing, but doctors in Florida and states with similar laws have been hesitant to terminate such pregnancies for fear someone will question whether the abnormality was truly fatal. The penalties for violating the law are severe: Doctors can go to prison and face heavy fines and legal fees.”