Ron DeSantis Hypocrisy Pt. 1402789247

If it’s a day that ends in -y you can count on Governor Ron DeSantis taking credit for the work of President Biden and Democrats. Yesterday, Governor DeSantis announced $404 million for climate change preparation – the largest amount ever seen in Florida – all of which came from the American Rescue Plan that DeSantis previously referred to as “Washington at its worst.” Of course, he failed to mention that, but thanks anyway for highlighting how Floridians are benefiting from the work of President Biden and congressional Democrats.

At this point the hypocrisy of Governor Ron DeSantis is not surprising, it’s expected. 

Tampa Bay Times: Florida gets another $404 million for climate change prep

  • “It’s the largest amount of money for climate change preparation ever seen in Florida — and all $404 million is from the federal American Rescue Plan, the multitrillion-dollar COVID-19 relief act championed by the Biden administration.”

CBS 12 News: Gov. DeSantis announces $404 million in grants from program focusing on rising sea levels

  • “The money, which comes from federal dollars allocated by President Biden’s signature legislation the American Rescue Plan, will be distributed by the Florida Resilient Coastlines Program, which was created to ready the state’s infrastructure for the impacts of Hurricanes and high flooding, fueled by climate change.”