Ron DeSantis Refuses to Order COVID Vaccines For Florida’s Children

Ron DeSantis is once again playing politics instead of protecting the people of Florida and this time, children could pay the price. Governor DeSantis is the ONLY governor in the country who did not order vaccine doses for kids under five and he’s making no apologies. 

Ron DeSantis is refusing to help vaccinate kids under 5 against COVID-19:

Miami Herald: “‘We are devastated.’ Doctors angry over DeSantis not ordering COVID vaccines for young kids”

Politico: “DeSantis says Florida is ‘affirmatively against’ Covid-19 vaccines for young kids”

Axios: “DeSantis: Florida is ‘affirmatively against’ COVID vaccines for young kids”

The Hill: “DeSantis: Florida won’t provide state resources for giving COVID shots to kids under 5”

Naples Daily News: “Florida hospitals, physicians scramble as DeSantis opts out of vaccine order for young kids”