Ron DeSantis Wraps DeSastrous December As Never Back Down Once Again Backs Down

In response to Ron DeSantis’s presidential campaign continuing to flail as his Never Back Down PAC pulls Iowa and New Hampshire ads, DNC National Press Secretary Sarafina Chitika released the following statement: 

“As DeSantis’s Never Back Down PAC backs down yet again, pulling the plug on any hopes they had of winning Iowa or New Hampshire, it’s clear that everyone, including his own team, knows DeSantis’s chances of becoming president are about as real as Santa Claus. We keep telling MAGA Republicans that their losing agenda is just that, and a Christmas miracle couldn’t save DeSantis or the rest of the GOP presidential field from falling flat with voters as they persist in their plans to rip away health care and push for a national abortion ban. It’s been a DeSastrous December for Ron — even Santa’s elves couldn’t build him a strategy that could save his trainwreck of a campaign in the new year.” 

Ron DeSantis’s ironically-named super PAC Never Back Down is once again backing down. 

AdImpact Politics: “🚨Pro-Ron DeSantis group Never Back Down is canceling all of its 2024 reservations in Iowa and New Hampshire. So far, we’ve tracked cancelations totaling $2.5M.”

It’s been one DeSastrous December for him. 

The Guardian: “DeSantis political woes deepen after chief strategist for Super Pac resigns”

New York Times: “Upheaval Continues at DeSantis Super PAC as Another Top Official Departs”

Politico: “Pro-DeSantis super PAC fires top officials as tumult continues”

That’s what he gets for pushing an extreme and unpopular agenda thinking it’ll get him anywhere. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

New York Times: “DeSantis Says He Would Sign a 15-Week Abortion Ban as President”

ABC News: “In an easily missed moment during Wednesday night’s chaotic GOP presidential primary debate, Gov. Ron DeSantis said he would sign a federal 15-week abortion ban.”

Justin Dougherty, Fox Carolina: “The conversation about the Affordable Care Act — repealing and replacing it — has come up once again. Republicans failed to repeal it or replace it in 2017. If Republicans get control of Washington, [with] you in the White House, what’s your plan to repeal or replace the Affordable Care Act?”

DeSantis: “Well, look, that was a big failure. Obviously, under the Trump administration, that was a core promise — it didn’t happen. You know, what we’re gonna do is we have this massive health care bureaucracy: pharmaceutical, government, insurance, all this stuff. It’s a total mess. We’re gonna have a comprehensive plan to lower people’s costs, and yes, Obamacare hasn’t done it, so we’ll transcend Obamacare, but I think you got to do a lot more than just that.”

CNN: “A CNN KFile review of comments from DeSantis’ 2012 congressional campaign found he repeatedly said he supported plans to replace Medicare with a system in which the government paid for partial costs of private plans or a traditional Medicare plan. In one interview with a local newspaper, DeSantis said he supported ‘the same thing’ for Social Security, citing the need for ‘market forces’ to restructure the program.”