Ronna McDaniel And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

The week before a holiday is always a long one, but Ronna McDaniel seems to be really going through it. We’d ask if she’s okay but when you’re the face of Trump’s Republican Party, you knew what you were getting into when you signed up for the job.

Talk about someone who sold their soul to a president who lost the House, Senate, and White House:

Washington Examiner: “RNC boss says ‘Republicans would lose’ if Trump left GOP”

The Detroit News: “RNC Chair McDaniel says GOP can’t win midterms without Trump”

She continues to dabble with Trump’s Big Lie, refusing to definitively admit President Biden won the 2020 election and ensuring conspiracy theories are central to the Republican Party’s platform in 2022:

HuffPost: “RNC Chair McDaniel Still Refuses To Say If Biden Was Legitimately Elected”

BuzzFeed: “RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Said Republican Candidates Should Still Talk About 2020, Even Though Biden ‘Painfully’ Won”

The Dallas Morning News: “Ronna McDaniel, the Republican National Committee chair, was quick to muddy that declaration by echoing Trump’s unsubstantiated claims that serious questions remain about fraud that might have tipped the outcome.”

Let’s not forget that after creating the RNC’s “Pride Coalition” to pretend to engage LGBTQ voters, McDaniel backtracked and folded to the anti-LGBTQ factions of the Republican Party led by Marjorie Taylor Greene.

November 8: 

Fox News: “RNC announces ‘Pride Coalition,’ partnership with Log Cabin Republicans ahead of midterms

November 18:

LGBTQ+ Nation: “Republican chairwoman apologizes for LGBTQ voter outreach”

And not to mention that every single House Republican just voted against lowering costs for families, cutting taxes for the middle class, funding child care, and making sure the wealthiest Americans and big corporations pay their fair share. Good luck defending that.