Rough Week for Republican Governors as They Face the Consequences of Their Attacks on Reproductive Health Care

As the Supreme Court prepares to take up the biggest threat to abortion in decades, Republican governors and candidates across the country are finally being forced to answer for their extremist views on abortion – and it’s not going well for them. While Republicans threaten reproductive health care at every turn, Democrats are working to ensure access to safe and legal abortion – a position supported by the majority of the American people. 

In Michigan…

Detroit Metro Times: James Craig says he supports abortion ban in secret recording

  • “‘Though he has desperately tried to hide his extreme positions, James Craig finally confirmed he stands by an extreme anti-abortion law that would virtually eliminate the freedom to decide and criminalize doctors for doing their jobs,’ DNC spokesperson Adonna Biel said.”

In Florida…

Florida Politics: Democrats belittle Ron DeSantis for equivocating on ‘heartbeat bill’

  • “Gov. Ron DeSantis’ refusal Wednesday to say how he felt about a newly filed abortion bill based on a widely debated Texas law has national Democrats mocking him for equivocating.”
  • “‘Governor Ron DeSantis pleads ignorance and refuses to say whether he would sign this latest attack because he knows his radical views are wildly out of touch with his constituents,’ Democratic National Committee spokesperson Adonna Biel said in a written statement. ‘Floridians deserve to know where DeSantis stands on this heinous and dangerous legislation. Though he might try to hide it, Democrats will continue to hold him, and all Republican officials, accountable for their all out-war on reproductive health care.’”

In Nevada…

HuffPost: Nevada GOP Gubernatorial Hopeful Dean Heller Backs Abortion Ban: ‘I Like What Texas Did’

  • “His abortion stance could be problematic in the general election, however. As The Nevada Independent notes, polls consistently show that voters in the state support abortion rights.”
  • “Abortion rights are shaping up to be a major issue in upcoming election cycles, as other states start to gear up for the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade and consider taking up Texas copycat bills.”

It’s clear that Republicans know they are in trouble…

The Hill: Texas abortion law creates 2022 headache for GOP

  • “Republicans running for office don’t want to talk about Texas’s abortion law ahead of next year’s midterm elections. … The issue could stand to hurt Republicans with suburban voters, including women, who have moved toward Democrats in recent elections.”