Roundup: President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda is Popular

Despite what you hear from many Republicans and the right-wing media, President Biden and Vice President Harris’ agenda is overwhelmingly popular with the American people. Just ask Mitch McConnell, who called the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law a “godsend.” 

The truth is, poll after poll continues to show the American people support President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda that will create jobs and lower costs for families, all while reducing the deficit by asking big corporations and the wealthy to finally pay their fair share.

But don’t just take our word for it. Look at the numbers. 

President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal is broadly popular with the American people.

Monmouth University Poll: “Support for the Bipartisan Infrastructure deal (BIF), which passed Congress last week and awaits the president’s signature, stands at 65%”

President Biden’s Build Back Better Act is also extremely popular. 

According to a recent poll from Morning Consult/Politico:

  • 78% of voters support “expanding Medicare coverage to cover hearing services.”
  • 66% of voters support “funding for affordable housing.”
  • 61% of voters support “funding for child care and universal pre-kindergarten.”
  • 53% of voters support “extending the child tax credit for one year.”
  • 59% of voters support “a 15% corporate minimum tax rate for large corporations.”

According to a recent poll from Data for Progress: 

  • “With a +29-point margin, likely voters support the Build Back Better plan. The plan is very popular with both Democrats and Independents, who support the plan by respective margins of +83 and +19 percentage points. One-third of Republican voters also say they support the plan.”