Say It Louder For the People In The Back: President Biden’s Economic Plan Is Working

You might have heard us say this before, but we’re going to keep saying it because it’s true: President Biden’s economic plan is working, and America is getting back on track. Under his leadership, jobless claims have hit a 52-year low, unemployment is on pace to drop at the fastest rate in a single year, the economy has added nearly 6 million jobs – a record for a new president – and economists agree our nation is poised to continue this historic economic recovery into next year. 

For the second time in less than a month, jobless claims have fallen to their lowest levels since 1969 as our economy recovers and Americans return to work. 

CNBC: “Weekly jobless claims fall to 184,000, the lowest level in more than 52 years”

Fox Business: “Jobless claims plunge to 184,000, lowest level since 1969”

Costs of goods like gasoline and food are already coming down for American families and are expected to continue to fall into next year. 

Politico: “Prices of everything from oil and natural gas to wheat and corn have already started falling from their peaks earlier this year. That trend is likely to continue in 2022, lowering gas prices and stabilizing food costs for consumers, a potential boon for President Joe Biden’s party as it seeks to maintain control of Congress.”

President Biden is leading our nation through a historic jobs recovery, as unemployment has plunged over 2% since he took office and the economy has added nearly 6 million jobs.

Associated Press: “US jobless rate sinks to 4.2% as many more people find jobs”

CNBC: “Job growth so far this year has topped 6.1 million. The 2021 average monthly gain of 555,000 jobs (not including November) positions the U.S. economy for full recovery from the pandemic — a return to the February 2020 unemployment rate of 3.5% — by the end of 2022.”