Scranton vs. Park Ave Part 3: President Biden Fighting for Hard Working Americans, While Republicans Protect the Wealthy

Today, President Biden laid out expressly what’s at stake for the future of our economy: are we going to set our country on a new path and make sure big corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share? With a new campaign to fight against President Biden’s economic plan, Republicans are making clear whose side they’re on.


President Biden: “The choice is this: Are we going to continue with an economy where the overwhelming share of the benefits go to big corporations and the very wealthy? Or are we going to take this moment to set this country on a new path?”

NBC: Biden to outline ‘a fair shot’ for the middle class in tax plan speech

  • “Biden will argue that the U.S. can’t return to the way things were for the middle class before the coronavirus pandemic”
  • “The president plans to give the IRS tools to crack down on the wealthiest Americans who have evaded paying taxes, the White House said in a fact sheet about the plan. Biden plans to emphasize that his administration will protect Americans earning less than $400,000 a year.”


Washington Post: Former Trump aides to spearhead $10 million campaign against Biden economic plan

  • “Conservative alarm about Biden’s proposed tax hikes — which some nonpartisan estimates have found overwhelmingly target the rich and large corporations — has intensified as they move toward passage.” 
  • “Biden on Wednesday rebuked critics of the tax and spending plan, arguing his proposal — unlike Trump’s 2017 tax cuts — would be geared toward helping the lower and middle classes rather than the wealthy.”
  • “‘It’s a badge of honor that those same wealthy interests are now attacking President Biden as he advances his plan to invest in the middle class and lower prices on essentials like prescription drugs and health care.’”