Sen. Cornyn Shows How GOP is Playing Political Games Instead of Helping Americans

While Democrats are working hard to provide working families with the relief they overwhelmingly support, including direct payments to Americans and thousands of dollars in benefits working families desperately need, Republicans are playing political games. The latest example: Sen. Cornyn yesterday said Republicans plan to hold up COVID relief with tough votes so they can make TV commercials attacking Democrats. What Cornyn doesn’t get is that voters overwhelmingly support President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, and Republicans are the ones who will be held accountable for voting against it. 

Yesterday, Texas Senator John Cornyn said that as Republicans oppose President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, they plan to hold up relief to force Democrats to take tough votes to use in TV commercials.  

CNN: “‘It’s all about TV commercials,’ said Republican Sen. John Cornyn of Texas. ‘Make people accountable for their votes.”

But the truth is there is broad bipartisan support for President Biden’s proposal — and it’s Republicans who are showing themselves to be out of touch with the American people.  

Morning Consult: “In the new survey, conducted Feb. 26 to March 1, 77 percent of all voters and 59 percent of Republicans said they supported the measure which provides direct payments to some Americans, extends enhanced unemployment benefits through July and provides funding for state and local governments as well as K-12 schools and universities.”

And unlike what Sen. Cornyn said, it’s Republicans who will pay the price for trying to stop working families from receiving the relief they so desperately need, which has overwhelming bipartisan support. 

USA Today: “More than two-thirds of Americans (68%) said that $1,400 stimulus checks should remain in the stimulus package even if it meant the bill had no support from the opposite party. Democrats have proposed a $1.9 trillion relief package that includes $1,400 stimulus checks; some Republicans have complained that that amount for checks, and the total cost of the bill, are too large. However, 53% of Republicans polled, agreed that $1,400 direct payments should be left untouched in the bill. Abou two-thirds (65%) of independents and 85% of Democrats agreed.”

Morning Consult: