Senator Murkowski Comes Home to Brutal Headlines Condemning Cruel Senate Repeal Bill

Senator Murkowski returns to Alaska this weekend and faces scathing local headlines and editorials calling out the dangerous Republican Senate health care bill that would strip 22 million Americans’ access to health care and gut Medicaid. The latest CBO report confirms spending cuts would grow even deeper in the second decade increasing by 35% by 2036, causing even more unnecessary anguish for Alaskans.

Newspapers across the state are making it clear that Sen. Murkowski should not support the GOP’s cruel repeal bill.

KTOO: Report: Senate health reform cuts $3.1B from Alaska’s Medicaid

“A new state-commissioned analysis of the U.S. Senate health care bill said it would lower Medicaid payments to the Alaska by $3.1 billion over six years. That’s an even bigger cut than in the bill the House passed. The report by Manatt Health said the 34,000 Alaskans now covered by Medicaid expansion could lose coverage after 2020, and the state may have to make cuts elsewhere, too.”

“In Washington this week, Senate leaders postponed a vote on the bill but said they’d try again after the July 4 recess. In its own analysis of the Senate bill, the Urban Institute said the legislation would leave 67,000 fewer Alaskans insured. The liberal think tank said Medicaid cuts, combined with lower support for people who buy their own insurance would slash federal health care spending in Alaska by $643 million in 2022.”


Alaska Dispatch News: The Senate health care bill hands big costs to Alaska

“Alaska doesn't fare very well under the proposed Senate health care legislation: Many Alaskans are likely to face higher premium costs or less coverage, and the state would eventually have to make deep cuts to Medicaid coverage.”

“It appears unlikely that the bill will offer the state relief from rising health insurance costs. Older, middle-class Alaskans buying insurance on the exchange are likely to face the highest cost jumps.”