Senator Rick Scott Highlights Endorsements of Plan to Raise Taxes on Over Half Of Americans

Just one week ago, Rick Scott announced to the world the Republican Party’s game plan for 2022, because he wanted to answer the question of what the Republican Party stands for. More and more Republican leaders are lending their voices in support of the 11-step plan that includes raising taxes on over half of Americans. 

Republican leaders are lining up behind Senator Rick Scott’s agenda for the Republican Party, just take a look at what they’re saying:

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel “Republicans like Senator @ScottforFlorida have real solutions to put us back on track.

Senator Mike Braun: “Independents are the individuals that elect the swing-state senators and the president, and I think they want something other than no or I’m not interested…I’m glad Rick did it. Nothing is going to be perfect…we’ve got to be for something.”

Senator Marco Rubio: “I think it’s good that people offer ideas.”

Newt Gingrich: “I strongly endorse the direction Sen. Scott is taking in the Senate, and that Leader Kevin McCarthy is taking in the House. Both men understand that a political party has to stand for something and not simply campaign against the other side.”

Senator Tommy Tuberville: “On board” with Scott’s blueprint 

Congressman Matt Gaetz: ”Proud of @SenRickScott for producing this bold agenda!”