Senator Rick Scott’s Big Republican Plan: Ignore Higher Costs and Raise Taxes on Poor Americans

After months of dodging questions about what the Republican agenda is, Senator Rick Scott unveiled his big blueprint for Senate Republicans that finally confirms Republicans don’t have plans for the issues that actually matter to hardworking Americans. Not a single one of Rick Scott’s 128 points lays out how Republicans would help lower costs, tackle prescription drug prices, or address any of the issues that matter most — maybe because they think higher costs for families are a “gold mine” for them politically.

Rick Scott’s “plan” doesn’t include anything about lowering costs for families. Why? He told us. It’s because Republicans see higher costs as a “gold mine” politically.

Joseph Zeballos-Roig, Business Insider: “Notably absent from @SenRickScott’s new GOP midterm platform: Any mention of repealing the Affordable Care Act or how to curb rising prices from inflation”

Business Insider: “Republicans are ecstatic that Biden is struggling with inflation: ‘This is a gold mine for us’”

Instead, the Republican plan includes raising taxes on low-income families, proving the Republican Party would much rather cut taxes for the wealthy and big corporations and raise taxes on poor Americans.

Sam Stein, POLITICO: “Tucked in Rick Scott’s 11 pt GOP plan is a call for a tax hike, however small, on the lowest incomed Americans. It’s an ancestor of Romney’s 47% comments (minus the moocher talk)”

Arthur Delaney, HuffPo: “One of Rick Scott’s ideas to save America? Tax the poor.”

And even worse, the Republican Party blueprint is more about catering to Donald Trump’s ego and litigating culture war battles for the extreme base than helping Americans.

Politico: “Among Scott’s priorities: completing the border wall and naming it after former President Donald Trump, declaring ‘there are two genders,’ ending any reference to ethnicity on government forms and limiting most federal government workers — including members of Congress — to 12 years of service.”

CNN: “Rapidly spreading from state to state, these Republican-driven initiatives reflect the GOP coalition’s shifting center of gravity away from the small-government, low-tax agenda that long topped its priorities toward the roiling cultural anxieties and resentments that have become central to its messaging, especially in the Donald Trump era.”