SHOT/CHASER: McCarthy Goes Missing on His “Responsibility” to Pass Budget

You won’t hear this often but Kevin McCarthy was right earlier this year when he said it was House Republicans’ “responsibility” to pass a budget. Now months later, Republicans have refused to release their budget proposal – but their agenda to make devastating cuts to essential programs families rely on to give tax breaks to the wealthiest is crystal clear:

SHOT: In January 2023, Kevin McCarthy said that Republicans’ “very first responsibility” should be to pass a budget. 

Kevin McCarthy in January: “Our very first responsibility, we both should have to pass a budget […] so the country can see the direction we’re going.”

CHASER: Months later, MAGA Republicans still won’t release their budget but their priorities from previous proposals  are clear: make devastating cuts to funding for law enforcement, health care, American manufacturing, education, and more, while giving the wealthiest and big corporations tax breaks – which could add trillions to our national debt. 

Washington Post: “Biden administration warns of ‘damaging’ effects from GOP budget plans”

New York Times: “The largest remaining category involves health care spending that benefits lower- and middle-income families, including from Medicaid and Obamacare […] Party leaders, for their part, have said they would eye cuts to anti-poverty programs such as food stamps.”

MSNBC: “House Republican calls for defunding Homeland Security department”

Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget: “IRS Funding Repeal Could Cost Over $100 Billion, Encourage Tax Cheating”

CFRB: “CBO estimates that extending the individual income and estate tax provisions that are set to expire after 2025 would cost $2.2 trillion through 2032; also extending business tax provisions that are set to expire or become less generous would increase the cost to $2.7 trillion.”