Six Months After the Capitol Attack, Republicans Pretend it Never Happened

Six months ago, insurrectionists spurred on by Donald Trump’s Big Lie stormed the United States Capitol in an attack on our democracy, costing five people their lives, endangering hundreds more, and damaging the reputation of the United States.

Instead of protecting our democracy, Republicans have sold out their country to protect a loser ex-president, dedicated their efforts to trying to block an investigation into what happened, and shockingly even hung out with the very same insurrectionists that attacked our Capitol. Every day Republicans try to sweep the violence of that day under the rug by parroting conspiracy theories and calling it a ‘tourist visit’ undermines our democracy and is a slap in the face of the law enforcement officers who protect them.” – DNC Spokesperson Adonna Biel 

Over the course of the last six months, Republicans have tried to downplay and even erase the events of January 6: 

  • CNN: “A Republican House member just described January 6 as a ‘normal tourist visit’”
  • CNN: “Why did 21 Republicans oppose honoring those who served on January 6?”
  • The Hill: “GOP increasingly balks at calling Jan. 6 an insurrection”
  • Associated Press: “House GOP leaders won’t support probe of Jan. 6 Capitol riot”

Republicans have threatened their own ranks and even kicked out members from their leadership team for daring to try to find the truth:

  • Wall Street Journal: “Liz Cheney Ousted From House Republican Leadership”
  • CNN: “McCarthy threatens to strip GOP members of committee assignments if they accept an offer from Pelosi to serve on 1/6 commission”
  • Washington Post: “A damning Senate report on Jan. 6 shows what Republicans want to keep buried”

Capitol Police officers and their families have spoken out against Republicans for refusing to help ensure what happened that day never happens again:

  • Politico: “Mother of deceased Capitol Police officer presses GOP senators to back Jan. 6 commission”
  • CNN: “Officer injured in Capitol riot asks McCarthy to denounce GOP January 6 conspiracies”
  • Business Insider: “DC officer Michael Fanone said Rep. McCarthy didn’t agree to denounce GOP lawmakers who downplayed the Capitol riot”