SIX MONTHS IN: President Biden Delivers Historic Recovery, Despite Trump’s Ridiculous Predictions

Six months ago today, President Biden was sworn into office and inherited an economy in turmoil, a disastrously mismanaged pandemic, and lethargic employment numbers.

Despite Donald Trump and Republicans’ desperate predictions during the 2020 campaign, President Biden and Democrats have laid the groundwork for an economic boom, delivered funding to reopen small businesses, added millions of jobs to the economy, put money in the pockets of struggling families, and that’s still only the beginning.

How it started:

  • Donald Trump, October 22, 2020“If he gets in, you will have a depression the likes of which you’ve never seen. Your 401(k)s will go to hell and it’ll be a very, very sad day for this country.”
  • Detroit Free Press“In Oakland County, Donald Trump predicts ‘poverty, misery, depression’ if Biden elected”
  • Fortune“Trump to leave office with the worst jobs record since Herbert Hoover”

How it’s going: 

  • Washington Post“As economy spikes, Republicans are still waiting for the ‘Biden depression’ that Trump predicted”
  • The Hill“Biden touts economy, pushes infrastructure bill”
  • CBS News“Six months into President Biden’s administration, Americans are less apprehensive about the year than they were at the start of it.”
  • New York Magazine“How the New Child Tax Credit Is Already Changing Lives ‘There’s very few good news stories, and this is one.’”