Some News for Kevin McCarthy Today

We are here to help Kevin McCarthy with some facts ahead of his planned attempt at a prebuttal of President Biden’s remarks tonight. Try as he might, McCarthy simply can’t distract from the success of President Biden’s agenda, and Republicans’ disastrous summer where they’ve repeatedly doubled and tripled down on banning abortion with no exceptions and gutting Social Security and Medicare.

So here are some helpful points for Kevin McCarthy ahead of his speech to remember how President Biden and Democrats continue to deliver huge wins for the American people:

FACT: After President Biden and Democrats took action, gas prices have dropped for two months straight, despite Republicans blocking legislation to hold oil and gas companies accountable. 

GasBuddy: “The decline in gas prices continues! Prices are now $1.20 below their mid-June peak, and Americans are collectively spending $450 million less on gasoline every day as a result.”

CNN: “The House of Representatives passed a bill along party lines Thursday that seeks to lower gas prices by cracking down on alleged price gouging by energy companies.”

FACT: Democrats delivered a huge win over Big Pharma to lower health care costs, despite unified Republican opposition.

MSNBC: “Democrats hand Big Pharma something it rarely sees: A defeat”

Washington Post: “Republican lawmakers… stripped a $35 price cap on the cost of insulin for many patients from the [Inflation Reduction Act]… invoking arcane Senate rules to jettison the measure.”

FACT: There was zero inflation in July.

Axios: “Inflation drops to zero in July due to falling gas prices”

FACT: Not a single Republican voted for critical funding for police.

NBC News: “House Republicans who opposed Covid aid still see funds flow to local police departments”

FACT: The Inflation Reduction Act will lower energy costs. Every single Republican voted against these cost-saving measures.

OMB Analysis: “The Inflation Reduction Act represents the most aggressive action to combat the climate crisis and improve American energy security in our nation’s history. It will position us to reach President Biden’s ambitious climate goals, which will save the average American family hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs.”

FACT: President Biden secured a huge bipartisan win on gun violence prevention that Kevin McCarthy opposed.

NBC News: “House Republican leaders to work in opposition to Senate gun deal”

PBS: “Biden signs most sweeping gun reform bill in decades”

FACT: Kevin McCarthy is trying to distract from the fact that Republicans are lying about their extreme and dangerous plan to ban abortion across the country.

Washington Post: “Republicans in key races scrap online references to Trump, abortion”

Politico: “Republicans fight abortion backlash with ads — and stealth website edits”

CNN: “Some Republicans try to shift positions on abortion as general election approaches”

The 19th: “Republican midterm candidates are trying to rewrite their history on abortion. Here’s what that means.”