SPLIT SCREEN: While Trump Again Praises Putin, Biden Unites Our Allies

In just 48 hours this weekend, Donald Trump praised his favorite murderous dictator yet again, and tried to rewrite history and say Putin’s unprovoked attack was driven by a “lot of love.” Not only is this behavior just plain vile, it also stands in stark contrast to President Biden, who is uniting our allies to hold Russia accountable with unprecedented sanctions and send arms to Ukraine. 

Donald Trump spent the weekend heaping more praise on Putin, who he called “driven,” and said Putin’s motivation to launch an unprovoked attack that’s claimed hundreds of Ukrainian civilians’ lives was because he had a “lot of love.”

Newsweek: “Trump Says ‘Lot of Love’ Behind Putin Wanting to ‘Make His Country Larger’”

NBC News: “While Trump inched closer to criticizing Putin’s invasion of Ukraine Saturday night, he continued to portray the Russian leader in a positive light. ‘It happens to be a man that is just driven, he’s driven to put it together,’ Trump said at a political rally in South Carolina.”

NBC News: “Former President Donald Trump is trying to fix his Putin problem but he still hasn’t been able to criticize Russia’s leader the same way he treats his other opponents.”

Meanwhile, President Biden has united our allies across the globe to stand strong against Russian aggression, enforce unprecedented sanctions, and arm Ukraine against the Russian invasion.

Politico: “The same alliance, NATO, that Trump lambasted and tried to undermine, banded together and sent weapons to the front, while Europe and the U.S. have unleashed waves of increasingly punitive economic sanctions on Russia. And the same foreign leader, Putin, with whom Trump repeatedly sided over his own government, has been turned into an international pariah.”

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor: “The commitment the Biden administration has made to the United States’ allies stands in stark contrast to the apparent lack of commitment from the previous administration.”