STATEMENT: DNC to RFK Jr.: What Are You Hiding? Release Your Medical History and Tax Returns Now

In a new interview on the MeatEater podcast, RFK Jr. admitted to being “riddled with parasites” and said that he suffered from “severe” brain fog, struggled with word retrieval, and lost memories from “off the charts” mercury levels.  

It’s been over two weeks since RFK Jr. has committed to releasing more information about his medical history, and the American people are still waiting. Every day new questions arise about the side effects of the parasitic worm that ate part of his brain and the years of cognitive damage from mercury poisoning.  

In an interview with Brian Tyler Cohen, RFK Jr. committed to releasing more information about his medical history following reporting from the New York Times  revealing the parasitic brain worm and chronic mercury poisoning. The DNC has additionally called for RFK Jr. to release his tax returns and personal financial disclosures, which he has so far delayed. 

In response, DNC Spokesperson Matt Corridoni released the following statement: 

“It’s been 35 days since the New York Times uncovered that a parasitic worm ate part of RFK Jr.’s brain and that he had severe mercury poisoning that led to cognitive damage.  It’s been 17 days since RFK Jr. promised more information about his medical history and the DNC demanded the release of his financial disclosures. If RFK Jr. has nothing to hide, then why won’t he be transparent with his medical and financial history? RFK Jr. continues to follow in Donald Trump’s footsteps with his failure to tell the truth. The only thing we can trust is that RFK Jr. is a spoiler in this race.”