Statement from Interim Chair Donna Brazile in Response to FBI Letter to GOP Congressional Chairmen

WASHINGTON –  DNC Interim Chair Donna Brazile issued the following statement:

“FBI Director Comey unequivocally cleared Hillary Clinton of any intentional wrongdoing three months ago, and said that no reasonable prosecutor would pursue the case in question further. Now, 11 days away from the election, he released a vague letter that immediately led to rampant speculation in the news media. This would be an irresponsible action at any time and, unsurprisingly, Donald Trump and Republicans are rushing to politicize this episode without any of the facts.
“The FBI has a solemn obligation to remain neutral in political matters – even the faintest appearance of using the agency’s power to influence our election is deeply troubling. At the very least, Director Comey must immediately address the serious outstanding questions over what, precisely his letter means, and what action or actions his agency plans to take.”