Statement From Republicans on Donald Trump Encouraging Russia to Attack Our Allies

In response to Donald Trump encouraging Russia to invade Europe, Republicans released the following statement making it clear we stand with our allies:



Trump’s MAGA Republican allies have refused to condemn or even comment after said he would encourage Russia to “do whatever they want” – including attack our allies.

Politico: “Trump says he would ‘encourage’ Russia to attack NATO allies who don’t pay up”

New York Times: “G.O.P. Officials, Once Critical, Stand by Trump After NATO Comments”

“After Donald J. Trump suggested he had threatened to encourage Russia to attack ‘delinquent’ NATO allies, the response among many Republican officials has struck three themes — expressions of support, gaze aversion or even cheerful indifference. Republican Party elites have become so practiced at deflecting even Mr. Trump’s most outrageous statements that they quickly batted this one away.”

CNN: “Rubio dismisses concerns about Trump’s NATO remarks as backlash mounts”

Trump is promising to “finish the process” of abandoning and undermining NATO – after repeatedly looking to leave our allies behind during his four years in office.

The Independent: “Trump refuses to commit to NATO in second term at Fox News town hall”

Trump: “We have to finish the process we began under my Administration of fundamentally reevaluating NATO’s purpose and NATO’s mission.”

Rolling Stone: “​​Trump Plots to Pull Out of NATO — If He Doesn’t Get His Way”

“Donald Trump wanted to pull the United States out of NATO during his first term, but was repeatedly talked out of it by senior administration officials. For a possible second term in the White House, [Trump] is already discussing how he could actually get it done, if his demands aren’t met by NATO.”

Politico: “Trump vowed he’d ‘never’ help Europe if it’s attacked, top EU official says”

Trump is once again siding with Vladimir Putin over our allies.

New York Times: “Mr. Trump often praises Mr. Putin — he has described the invasion of Ukraine as the work of a ‘genius’ — and has long admired him as a ‘strong’ leader.”

Daily Beast: “Fox News Edits Out Trump Saying He Might’ve Let Russia ‘Take Over’ Parts of Ukraine”

“[Trump] revealed how he personally would have prevented the war. According to Trump, all he needed to do was let Russia ‘take over’ parts of Ukraine.”

Washington Post: “‘Genius,’ ‘Savvy’: Trump reacts to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine exactly as you’d expect”

CNN: “Trump sides with Putin over US intelligence”

Trump’s reckless foreign policy agenda squandered American leadership on the global stage.

New York Times: “America’s Allies Fear That Traditional Ties No Longer Matter Under Trump”

Politico: “Trump’s approach is hurting the U.S., foreign policy experts say”

Associated Press: “Three years into Donald Trump’s presidency, America’s global influence is waning. In interviews with The Associated Press, diplomats, foreign officials and scholars from numerous countries describe a changing world order in which the United States has less of a central role.”

New York Times: “Much of the world has soured on American leadership since President Trump took office, a loss of faith that has opened up opportunities for other countries like China, Russia and Germany to assert themselves on the international stage, according to an extensive new survey of people living around the globe.”