Statement from the DNC Unity Reform Commission

Following the fourth meeting of the DNC Unity Reform Commission in Las Vegas, Chair Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, Co-Chair Larry Cohen and the members of the URC released the following joint statement on recent national events:

“The DNC Unity Reform Commission gives their hearts to the people of Las Vegas and all those affected by this month’s despicable act of violence. We pledge to stand united against all cowards who perpetrate such profound evil, and vow to do everything we can to ensure that inhuman attacks like this become a thing of the past. The victims of Las Vegas not only need our thoughts and prayers, they deserve action and change. We’re sick and tired of asking how many more lives our country’s gun epidemic will take. Our country needs a solution, and we implore decision makers on both sides of the aisle to help us change the status quo and save American lives.

“We extend our unconditional support to the more than 3.5 million American citizens suffering in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and the tireless disaster responders who work day in and day out to restore these devastated communities. The commission also remembers the Californians rebuilding their lives after the devastation that overran their homes and the firefighters still battling the remaining hellish wildfires.

“Providing these communities with the relief they so desperately need should not be a partisan issue. Whether people live in the continental United States or not, we should never place a price tag on American lives. Every one of us calls for the full force and resources of the American government to help our fellow citizens for as long as necessary.”