STATEMENT: Verdict Response Proves RFK Jr. Is Trump’s Useful Idiot 

Following yesterday’s historic verdict in Donald Trump’s hush money trial, RFK Jr. wasted no time in parroting MAGA talking points. Joining with extreme GOP voices, RFK Jr. spent the evening sowing doubts about our criminal justice system and making excuses for Trump’s criminal behavior. His running mate, campaign manager, and the MAGA funded super PAC propping up his candidacy were quick to join the chorus. 

In response, DNC Senior Advisor Mary Beth Cahill released the following statement: 

“RFK Jr. was recruited to run by MAGA Republicans, is being propped up by Trump’s largest donor, and his own staff has said their goal is to hurt President Biden. Now, RFK Jr. is taking his spoiler candidacy a step further by proving himself to be Trump’s useful idiot. With no path to victory for himself, RFK Jr. is parroting MAGA talking points and carrying Trump’s water – further proving that he is in this race for one reason and one reason only: to throw the election to Donald Trump. There’s only one way to beat Donald Trump, and that’s by voting for Joe Biden.”