Students Across the Country Give President Biden’s Pandemic Response an A+

This time last year, COVID-19 cases were surging and families were navigating the challenges of virtual learning. President Biden understood that the first step to getting kids back to school was getting the virus under control. He did just that by passing the American Rescue Plan to give schools the resources they need to open safely, expanding access to COVID-19 testing, and rolling out a successful vaccine campaign. Now, thanks to President Biden and local Democratic leaders, students and teens all across the country are returning to a sense of normalcy, with over 147 million Americans fully vaccinated and nearly seven million kids ages 12-17 with at least one COVID-19 shot. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the videos below, from teens from across the country:

In North Carolina: New Video Series: North Carolina Students Thank President Biden for Returning a Sense of Normalcy

  • Adrian, an incoming freshman at UNC Charlotte: “With an all-virtual junior and senior year, I was afraid that I would not be given an in-person graduation or prom. However, due to new policies that were enacted right away with this new administration, I was given both of those things, and it’s given my peers and I a sense of normalcy throughout this whole thing, and I’m looking forward to in-person classes next year.”
  • Ben, a rising sophomore at Appalachian State University“While Zoom University was challenging for all of us, I can happily say next year Appalachian State will be returning to normal thanks to Governor Cooper and President Biden’s historic leadership. Thank you President Biden and Governor Cooper for helping North Carolina get back on track.”

In Wisconsin: Build Back (to School) Better: Wisconsin Students Thank President Biden and Governor Evers for Pandemic Response

  • Eliza, a high school senior, Madison“Thanks to their leadership, my whole family has been able to get fully vaccinated, I’ve been able to play almost a full season with my lacrosse team, and next week I’m going to see my grandparents—who I haven’t seen in over a year.”
  • Ethan, a high school senior, Walworth“I’d like to thank President Joe Biden and Governor Tony Evers for their work during the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to them I’ve been able to get fully vaccinated and can feel safer returning to work.”
  • Simon, a high school junior, Madison“This year I’m feeling ready to make plans and move forward with my life after the COVID-19 pandemic. I feel optimistic and prepared.”

In Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Capital-Star: The pandemic hit these Pa. students hard. They’re looking to a better tomorrow | Thursday Morning Coffee

  • Caleb, a recent high school graduate in Erie: “I’m incredibly thankful for the leadership President Biden has provided during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of his efforts, Congress passed the American Rescue Plan, which created a national vaccine strategy to put shots in millions of Americans’ arms. Because of that, I’m able to safely attend in-person classes at the University of Pittsburgh this fall, fully optimizing my college experience.”
  • Shivani, a rising senior in Bucks County“People my age became eligible [for the vaccine] in April, and people were saying they were getting their first dose. There was such a sigh of relief,” Kumar said Wednesday in an online news conference organized by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “That, to me, was when things started returning to normal.”
  • Samantha, a recent high school graduate in Chester County: “Over the last couple of months, I’ve felt safer than ever,” she said. “We had a graduation. I didn’t think that was going to happen a year ago. I thought I would walk across an empty stage with my family watching on a Zoom call. But I walked, and I heard cheering, which was amazing.”

In Arizona: New Video Series: Arizona Teens Thank Biden for “Very Efficient” Vaccine Rollout as Sense of Normalcy Returns

  • Tessa, a college student from Tucson“Thanks to the election of President Biden, the success of his administration, and effective leadership from our Democratic representatives in Congress, there is now light at the end of that tunnel.”
  • Daniya, a high school student in Chandler: “Thanks to President Biden and vaccinations becoming more readily available, to especially teens, we are getting on our first flight very soon and my dance studio is back to normal.”
  • Reece, a sophomore in college“I’ve just been so grateful by the efforts of the Biden administration to finally get us to return to some form of normalcy.”