Study: Affordable Care Act Is Not Failing, Unless GOP Keeps Up Sabotage

A newly released study confirmed that the Affordable Care Act is not failing and in fact insurers are on track to have their “best year” yet under the ACA. However, Republicans are determined to pass a new health repeal bill that could derail insurance markets. If the ACA fails, it will be because of Republican sabotage.

A new report confirmed what the CBO stated in its score of the Senate healthcare repeal bill: The Affordable Care Act is notfailing.

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Senate Republicans are determined to rush through a new health repeal bill before the August recess, that could tank ACA insurance markets. 

Politico“Ted Cruz’s plan to give insurers freedom to sell plans that don’t comply with Obamacare’s insurance regulations may be conservatives’ last best chance to salvage the stalled Senate health care bill. But it might also send Obamacare insurance markets into a death spiral.”