Suburban Voters Are Rejecting Trump

Tuesday’s election results should send shivers down the spines of Donald Trump and every Republican running in 2020. Trump’s countless broken promises and harmful policies are sparking a backlash — especially with suburban voters.

Take a look:

Politico: Pennsylvania suburbs revolt against Trump

“The Republican Party’s long suburban nightmare entered another terrifying hour here… In a critical state that Trump won by only 44,000 votes in 2016, Tuesday’s results demonstrate that maintaining that narrow advantage will be an enormous challenge for the president next year.”

The New York Times: The G.O.P.’s Election Day Problem in the Suburbs Is Getting Worse

“For Mr. Trump and other Republican leaders, the ongoing political realignment of the suburbs — which was essential to Democrats flipping Republican-held congressional seats in 2018 and retaking the House — is a disconcerting disadvantage that they have shown little ability to reverse.”

Associated Press: Analysis: Trump’s GOP has no answer for suburban slide

“The suburban revolt against President Donald Trump’s Republican Party is growing. And if nothing else, the GOP’s struggle across the South on Tuesday revealed that Republicans don’t have a plan to fix it…There’s little doubt Tuesday’s outcome is a warning to Republicans across the nation a year out from the 2020 election and a year after the 2018 midterms: The suburbs are still moving in the wrong direction.”

ABC News: Suburban revolt boosts Democrats on Election Day in the age of Trump: ANALYSIS

“Democrats see their wins as a blueprint for 2020, in races down the ballot and all the way to the top. Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez said the results in Kentucky and Virginia in particular showed that Democrats can romp in cities and suburbs and even stay close in rural areas when they present their values in contrast to divisive Republicans. ‘We competed everywhere, and we were competitive everywhere,’ Perez told reporters Wednesday morning at a breakfast organized by the Christian Science Monitor. ‘When you continue to divide America, that is not only un-American, that is going to prove to be terrible politics for you.’”

Business Insider: Forget Kentucky and Virginia, the worst election news for Republicans came out of suburban Pennsylvania

“The suburban vote is also a point of serious concern for the Republican Party. ‘Republican support in the suburbs has basically collapsed under Trump,’ Alex Conant, a Republican strategist, told The Associated Press on Wednesday. “

Meanwhile, Democrats in battleground states are capitalizing on this momentum, highlighting how they’ll beat Trump in the suburbs and across their states in 2020:

In Michigan: MLive: Michigan Democrats optimistic about results in national elections. “The MDP is touting an ‘unprecedented’ effort to build on its success in 2018 elections. State party officials knocked on 76,843 doors and recruited 900 volunteers so far this year, according to a November memo shared with MLive.”

In Ohio: Columbus Dispatch: Suburbs will be Ohio’s battleground in 2020 presidential race. The path to the presidency could run through Ohio’s suburbs in 2020. Republicans and Democrats have acknowledged that the electoral calculus is changing in Ohio, where some long-red rings around Ohio’s cities are turning blue, making suburbs the frontline in the battle for Ohio’s 18 electoral votes one year from today.”

In Wisconsin: Washington Post: All eyes are on Wisconsin, the state that’s gearing up to define the presidential election.“Now, political organizers are canvassing the state like it’s autumn 2020. ‘In Wisconsin, we’re already in the general election while the rest of the country is thinking about the primary,’ says Democratic state chairman Ben Wikler.”

In Florida: Terrie Rizzo in the Sun Sentinel: Democrats can defeat Trump in 2020. Here’s how we do it in Florida. . “With more than a year out, the FDP has already invested more than $5 million into building our campaign for the eventual Democratic nominee. We already have 91 paid staff working to prepare the state for our candidate and have invested nearly a million dollars into outreach to communities of color, and with 51 field organizers, we aren’t waiting until 2020, we are building coalitions and organizing Puerto Rican, immigrant and African American communities today.”

In Nevada: Wall Street Journal: Democrats Seek to Build on 2018 Gains With Latino Voters. “In late September, around two dozen Latino voters—along with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez—gathered at the Plumbers, Pipefitters and Service Technicians union in east Las Vegas, where the Nevada State Democratic Party held its first-ever Spanish-language caucus training. […] ‘When we build a program that looks and feels like and reflects the communities we’re working in…that ongoing relationship is important,’ said Alana Mounce, executive director of the state party.”

In Virginia: Associated Press: Elections in 4 states, including Virginia, offer tests of 2020 voter enthusiasm. “For this cycle, the DNC has steered $200,000 to the state party for its statewide coordinated campaign effort that now has 108 field organizers and 16 other field staffers in what the party describes as its largest-ever legislative campaign effort.”