Sunday Scaries: Trump’s Election Denialism, Anti-Choice Extremism, and Pay-to-Play Politics Take Center Stage

In response to Donald Trump’s MAGA minions backing his dangerous agenda today, DNC spokesperson Aida Ross released the following statement: 

“Donald Trump’s desperate VP contenders and handpicked ultra-MAGA RNC co-chair once again spent their Sundays spewing more of his baseless lies and MAGA extremism. From refusing to commit to accepting the election results to attempting to cover for Trump’s anti-choice extremism and reckless climate denialism, these MAGA minions are making it clear they will say anything to try to pass Trump’s extreme litmus test.”

Tom Cotton hedged on committing to accepting November’s election results.

Peter Alexander, NBC News: “Will you commit to certifying the 2024 results no matter who wins?”

Cotton: “I will accept the results of the election and certify them if it’s a fair and a free election.”

RNC Co-Chair Lara Trump also hedged on whether she would accept the 2024 election results, and instead spun baseless lies about the 2020 election.

Kasie Hunt, CNN: “Will you commit to accepting the election results in 2024?”

Lara Trump: “Of course. If this is a free, fair, and transparent election, absolutely…We can’t repeat an election like we had in 2020 where you had half the country with huge, sweeping questions about what happened that never got answered.”

Hunt: “Well, there was zero evidence of widespread fraud that could have changed the ultimate outcome in 2020.”

Lara Trump: “Absolutely not, most of those lawsuits were swept away on clerical errors…But then people wanted to know, what happened across the country? We never got those answers.”

Tim Scott doubled down on covering for Trump’s anti-choice extremism and stood by states enacting cruel abortion bans.

Scott: “The Supreme Court has already ruled that [abortion] is a state’s issue. President Trump and Speaker Johnson have both said that this will remain a state’s issue.”

Doug Burgum bizarrely tried to cover for Trump despite clear reporting that he is promising favors for Big Oil and Gas donors in exchange for campaign donations.

Margaret Brennan, CBS: “According to the Washington Post and their reporting, Donald Trump met with oil executives and said if they raise a billion dollars to return him to the White House, he’ll reduce regulations if elected, start auctioning off leases for drilling —”

Burgum: “I was at that meeting, that did not happen. That is not what happened at that meeting and that has been reported over and over and over again.”

Burgum also backed Trump’s agenda to roll back environmental regulations that protect our planet.

Margaret Brennan, CBS: “Climate and environmental policy are important to young voters in particular, are you at all concerned that you will alienate them by aligning so closely with the energy industry?”

Burgum: “I’m not concerned about it at all…”