Sunday Scaries: Trump’s MAGA Mouthpieces Attack Democracy and Reproductive Freedom While Whitewashing Trump’s Record

In response to Trump’s surrogates refusing to commit to accepting election results, supporting extreme national abortion bans, and getting called out on their own past criticism of Trump’s disgusting record, DNC Rapid Response Director Alex Floyd released the following statement: 

“Marco Rubio, J.D. Vance, and Elise Stefanik each took to the airwaves today to remind the American people of Donald Trump’s MAGA litmus test to be a part of his extreme GOP: refuse to commit to accepting the 2024 election results, support a national abortion ban, and bend over backward to praise Trump’s disgusting record and rhetoric – even if you’ve previously called him out for it. Week after week, Trump’s MAGA minions continue to show that they will say and do anything to prove their ultra-MAGA loyalty, whether it’s undermining our democracy, trying to rollback our basic rights, or whitewashing Trump’s disgusting record to stay in his good graces.” 

Marco Rubio refused to commit to accepting the results of the 2024 election, no matter who wins…

Kristen Welker, Meet the Press: “Will you accept the election results of 2024, no matter what happens, senator?”

Rubio: “No matter what happens? No, if it’s an unfair election, I think it’s gonna be contested…”

…before following it up by doubling down on his support for a national abortion ban.

Kristen Welker, Meet the Press: “Senator, would you support a federal abortion ban?”

Rubio: “Well, I’m pro-life. To me this is not even a political issue. … When people talk about a federal abortion ban, what they’re talking about is the 15-week ban which Lindsey Graham sponsored and I have co-sponsored in the past.”


Welker: “You support the six-week ban [in Florida]?”

Rubio: “I support any bill that protects unborn human life.”

J.D. Vance, attempting to hide his extremist stance on abortion, admits that “political reality” is motivating his considerations.

Margaret Brennan, Face the Nation: “You said back in 2022 that a proposal to limit abortion access after 15 weeks of pregnancy was something you would support and some minimal national standard. What is the minimum national standard that you want the federal government to have on abortion?”

Vance: “Well, look, Margaret, I think that first of all we have to acknowledge that political reality is, I think, really motivating a lot of these considerations. […] Look, this is a tough issue. We need to let people debate and decide this very tough issue in this new environment…”

Brennan: “Right, but you want a minimum federal standard.”

After clocking Trump as a “whack job” who’s “insulting to women” in 2016, Elise Stefanik is now proud to be one of Trump’s strongest allies – just don’t ask her about her hypocrisy.

Politico: “When asked to clarify if she had ever called Trump insulting to women because of the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape, she blamed Democrats for leaking the tape in 2016 and doubled down on her support.

“‘I have been proud to support him, it’s a disgrace that you would take a New York Times article and just read negative quotes when I was the only Republican elected woman from the Northeast who voted for him in 2016 who was strongly supporting him, and I’m proud to be one of his strongest allies today,’ Stefanik said.”