Sunday Scaries: VP Contenders Try to Out-MAGA Each Other With Lies and Extremism to Cover for Trump’s Dangerous Agenda

In response to Donald Trump’s VP contenders once again pushing lies and MAGA extremism, DNC Rapid Response Director Alex Floyd released the following statement: 

“Donald Trump’s VP contenders are tripping over themselves as they lie about Trump’s threats of revenge against his political opponents, push anti-choice agendas that include railing against protections for access to contraception, and sell out the American people in favor of ultra-wealthy donors. Every time they open their mouths, Trump’s desperate MAGA minions give the American people reason after reason to reject Trump and his GOP allies at the ballot box this November.”

Tim Scott and Kristi Noem tried to spin Trump’s own words from this week as he continues to threaten revenge on his political opponents…


Scott: “[Trump] will not target his political opponents.”

Noem: “[Trump] is not interested in going after political opponents.”


Axios: “Trump says he would have ‘every right to go after’ political enemies if elected” 

New York Times: “Trump Defends Vow to Prosecute Rivals, Saying ‘Sometimes Revenge Can Be Justified’”

CNN: “Interviewers keep giving Trump an off-ramp to his revenge tour. He isn’t taking it”

Noem called a bill to protect access to contraception – which numerous VP contenders in the Senate voted against – a “joke.”

Dana Bash, CNN: “Senate Republicans blocked a bill to protect access to contraception nationwide. As a matter of principle, do you think Republicans should support complete access to birth control?”

Noem: “That bill was a joke.”

NBC News: “Senate Republicans block bill to protect Americans’ access to contraception”

Republicans who voted against include: Marco Rubio, Tim Scott, Tom Cotton, Marsha Blackburn, Mike Lee, and Joni Ernst.

Doug Burgum couldn’t answer for his record of climate denialism and selling out the American people to push Big Oil and Gas priorities.

Will Cain, Fox News: “You ‘talk a green game but sell Big Oil priorities.’ … There are some questions like what in the past you’ve been on some issues that are important to conservatives like climate change and green energy.”

Burgum: “This comes down on energy… Part of the reason why the donors are pouring out in Silicon Valley is that they all understand for the new things that are coming that we need for us to maintain American dominance.”

New York Times: “Trump’s Energy Guy Talked a Green Game but Now Sells Big Oil Priorities”

“[Burgum] quickly endorsed Mr. Trump and joined his campaign, serving as an informal adviser on energy and helping to connect Mr. Trump with oil billionaires. … In April, Governor Burgum helped to bring oil and gas executives to Mar-a-Lago, Mr. Trump’s private resort in Florida, for a now-infamous dinner during which Mr. Trump suggested that they raise $1 billion for his campaign. Mr. Trump told the executives they would save far more than that in tax breaks and legal fees after he repealed Mr. Biden’s climate agenda.”

Tom Cotton said he is aligned with Trump’s extreme and unpopular foreign policy agenda that includes rewarding Putin for his invasion of Ukraine and threatening NATO.

Shannon Bream, Fox News: “There are reports that what President Trump plans to do to end that conflict is to potentially push Ukraine to give up Crimea,parts of Donbas – if that is the plan, do you agree with that strategy and would that be rewarding Putin in order to wrap this thing up in the way that he intended to start it and take some of that territory? Is that just giving him what he wanted?”

Cotton: “We have to judge the circumstances as they exist next year when he returns to office.”

Daily Beast: “Fox News Edits Out Trump Saying He Might’ve Let Russia ‘Take Over’ Parts of Ukraine”

“[Trump] revealed how he personally would have prevented the war. According to Trump, all he needed to do was let Russia ‘take over’ parts of Ukraine.”

Bream: “I think it’s fair to say you all have made statements about things like NATO, international organizations, America’s role on the global stage that are different. Would you as vice president advocate for policies that may not line up with your commander-in-chief? Do you think you are all too different on important issues of foreign policy?”

Cotton: “No, I think [we] have long been aligned on foreign policy… We believe that we need to pressure allies to take more responsibility for funding our common defense or taking responsibility for what’s happening in their own region.”

Politico: “Trump says he would ‘encourage’ Russia to attack NATO allies who don’t pay up”

Rolling Stone: “​​Trump Plots to Pull Out of NATO — If He Doesn’t Get His Way”

J.D. Vance reminded the American people about his extreme election denialism, saying he is still skeptical of the 2020 election results as he continues to refuse to commit to accepting this November’s election results.

Vance: “I really don’t think, Maria, as somebody who was skeptical of what happened in 2020, that they are going to be able to run the same game.”

HuffPost: “[Vance] said he would accept a Biden win only if he considered the election to be legitimate. … Vance’s comments illustrate a new tactic by Republican lawmakers, who are now placing conditions on accepting election results.”

ABC News: “JD Vance says he’s wouldn’t have certified 2020 race until states submitted pro-Trump electors”

New York Times: “[Vance] has said that, unlike Vice President Mike Pence in 2020, he would have helped Mr. Trump overturn the results, by accepting Trump electors that had not been elected by voters.”

The Guardian: “Potential Trump running mate JD Vance says he still questions results of 2020 election”

The Hill: “JD Vance says he is ‘skeptical’ Pence’s life was in danger on Jan. 6”

Politico: “[Vance] downplayed the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol, when Pence was forced to evacuate the building as rioters called for his hanging.”