Takeaways: DeJoy Refuses Commit To Transparency, Didn’t Consider Impacts On Americans

At the Senate hearing today on Trump’s sabotage of the USPS, Louis DeJoy refused to commit to transparency and made clear he didn’t consider how changes that postal workers say lead to mail slowdowns would hurt Americans across the country.

DeJoy refused to commit to providing transparency to Congress.

Senator Jacky Rosen: “Can you commit to transparency, sir?” …

DeJoy: “Ma’am, I do not accept the premise.”

DeJoy did not consider how veterans, seniors, deployed service members, and others would be hurt by mail slowdowns.

NBC News’s Geoff Bennett: “Effective questioning by Sen. Jacky Rosen — making clear that DeJoy did not do an analysis specifically taking into account how his policy changes would affect seniors, veterans, deployed service members, and others who desperately need on-time #USPS delivery.”

DeJoy claimed he and his team had not limited overtime — while postal workers across the country say it has been curtailed.

NBC News’s Geoff Bennett: “Peters: Are you limited overtime? Is that being suspended? DeJoy: We never eliminated overtime. Peters: It’s been curtailed. Dejoy: It’s not been curtailed by me or the leadership team. Every postal employee I’ve talked to (from coast to coast) disputes this.”

DeJoy testified under oath that he never discussed the USPS with Trump, but he met with him earlier this month.

CNN’s Abby Phillip: “DeJoy testifies under oath that he has never discussed the Postal Service with President Trump or his Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.”

CNN’s Betsy Klein: “Postmaster General DeJoy met with President Trump on August 3 and the postal service didn’t come up?”

DeJoy contradicted Trump by making it clear that voting by mail is safe.

Talking Points Memo Tierney Sneed: “DeJoy has repeatedly stressed that USPS has capacity to handle the surge in vote by mail expected this election. This cuts against Trump’s claim that USPS can’t handle it”

DeJoy: “I think the American public should be able to vote by mail.”