Tax Bill Makes Republican Priorities Clear

Senate Republicans’ tax bill shows just how out-of-touch today’s Republican Party is with middle-class families.

The Senate Republican-passed tax bill confirmed their primary goal is to “enrich the country’s elite at the expense of everybody else.”

New York Times Editorial: “With barely a vote to spare early Saturday morning, the Senate passed a tax bill confirming that the Republican leaders’ primary goal is to enrich the country’s elite at the expense of everybody else, including future generations who will end up bearing the cost.”

Senator Orrin Hatch said it was hard to fund health insurance for children, while Republicans prioritized a tax cut for the rich that would increase the deficit by over $1 trillion.

Vox: “GOP Senator says it’s hard to fund $14 billion children’s health care program — then advocates for $1 trillion tax cut

Senator Chuck Grassley said people who aren’t passing their wealth onto their heirs are just spending “every darn penny they have” on booze, women or movies.

Des Moines Register: “’I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing,’ Grassley said, ‘as opposed to those that are just spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies.’”

Republicans were still able to sneak in last-minute provisions that would benefit their donors and other special interests.

New York Times: “Tax Bill Offers Last-Minute Breaks For Developers, Banks And Oil Industry.”

Golf Digest: “PGA Tour Officials Breathe Easier After Provision To Strip Tour’s Tax-Exempt Status Is Removed At Last Minute From Senate Bill.”

NBC News: “Senators’ Pet Projects Added At Last-Minute Into Tax Bill.”