TAX DAY: What Would It Look Like Under Republican Control

As Americans file their taxes today, Republicans are lining up to support Senator Rick Scott’s plan to raise taxes on half of the American people, while Democrats are working to lower costs for the middle class.

Despite Rick Scott’s desperate spin, his 11-point plan clearly lays out the Republican agenda to raise taxes on the majority of the American people: 

ITEP: “State-by-State Estimates of Sen. Rick Scott’s ‘Skin in the Game’ Proposal”

Miami Herald: “Rick Scott challenged on Fox News Sunday over tax hikes and sunsetting Medicare, Medicaid”

New York Times: “Income Taxes for All? Rick Scott Has a Plan, and That’s a Problem.”

While Republicans try to hide from their own agenda, the DNC is working to make sure voters know what Republican control would look like: 

Fox News: “DNC launches tax day ad buy in key states, claiming a GOP tax plan could ‘raise taxes’”

Florida Politics: “DNC continues to tar Republicans with Rick Scott tax hike pitch”

MyFox8: “Democrats release digital ad in N.C. to address GOP tax ideas”

Arizona Daily Mirror: “Dems launch Tax Day ad campaign in Arizona to highlight GOP’s proposed tax increases”

Pennsylvania Capital-Star: “…the Democratic National Committee will target Scott next week with a digital advertising buy in Pennsylvania, a spokesperson told the Capital-Star. The buy is timed to coincide with tax day on April 18. People who search for tax services will be directed to a website criticizing a Scott-penned policy agenda that would raise taxes for a third of Pennsylvania residents.”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Tax Day is upon us on Monday. And the Democratic National Committee is launching a digital ad buy in Georgia targeting people Googling tax services. The DNC ads take aim at Florida’s U.S. Sen. Rick Scott, who has released an 11-part plan that Democrats say would impose income taxes on roughly half of Americans who pay none now.”