Taxpayers Oppose The Republican Tax Plan

‘It’s Anti-You,’ ‘Sorry, But None Of The Wealth Trickles Down’

Taxpayers across the country know how disastrous the Republican tax plan will be, and they are speaking out. See for yourself:

Alaska: “I feel increasing outrage…Why are our legislators trying to tell us that ‘trickle down economics’ will work when it is clear that it doesn’t?”

California: “I am a retired professional woman who lives in low-cost senior housing. My neighbors and I will most likely face homelessness if the Republican tax plan now in the Senate passes.”

California: “I have upper-middle income, yet am far from the 1 percent. The loss of federal tax credit for state and local taxes hurts me. My taxes will go up.”

California: “The only families Republicans value are rich ones.”

Florida: “In the last election, I am sure everyone one running for Congress promised to protect Medicare. Yet 220 members of Congress voted for a tax package which will result in massive cuts to Medicare.”

Georgia: “Homeowners in red states should know that their wealth would also take a hit under the Republican tax plan…. Homeowners from Mississippi to Washington state would see mortgage rates spike upward.”

Illinois: “I am especially upset about how it penalizes students such as my daughter Betsy…We are so proud of her. She is the type of student that should make her hometown of Peoria and her country proud.The taxes she will owe under this plan will wipe out more than 75 percent of her living expenses.”

Kansas: “Let’s tell Congress that we’ve had enough. If they want to represent us, they need to keep our best interests in mind. This bill supports campaign donors, multinational corporations, and the President’s wealthy friends. It does not support us.”

Maine: “I am a cardiologist in Machias, and many of my patients are concerned about how the Senate’s tax proposal will affect their insurance coverage…. The result will be devastating for the health of our communities.”

Massachusetts: “House Republicans have rammed through their tax ‘reform’ package and — surprise! — it overwhelmingly benefits their rich friends and corporations and shafts everyone else.”

Michigan: “It is clear the party of Lincoln has become morally bankrupt and seeks to only represent the wealthy and well-connected.”

Minnesota: “Let's not fall for their latest ruse, including that $1,000 in tax cuts for some wage-earners would truly mean nothing if health care costs increased to $10,000 per year or more.”

Mississippi: “To be against this will not be anti-Republican, but to let this deduction be taken away will be anti-you, especially anti-your pocketbook. It will cost you money.”

Montana: “The plans require the American taxpayers (i.e. you and I) to take out a $1.5 trillion loan and give the money to the richest people in the country (i.e. U.S. Sen. Steve Daines, U.S. Rep. Greg Gianforte and President Donald Trump).”

Montana: “Deductions on the chopping block are: sales and income tax, property taxes, medical expenses including insurance premiums, self-pay nursing home care including insurance premiums. As a senior citizen, this really concerns me. I fail to see the huge benefit for the middle class as promised.”

New Jersey: “With a booming stock market, profits, and low unemployment, it is unlikely a sudden influx of cash to big businesses will create more jobs. The estate and alternative minimum tax only affect the wealthiest families. True small business pass-throughs are already taxed at a lower rate, proposed changes will mostly benefit households with incomes over $1 million.”

Ohio: “The proposed Republican tax plan is described by President Trump as an early Christmas present. For large corporations and the very wealthy this is indeed true. For working families a lump of coal will be our ‘gift.’ The rich will get richer as we struggle to support the tax cuts for the wealthy.”

Pennsylvania: “The bill represents a massive redistribution of wealth from the poor and middle-class to the wealthiest 1 percent. … Few things are more immoral than taxing the lowest earners for the benefit of the richest ones.”

Pennsylvania: “Sorry, but none of the wealth trickles down.”

South Carolina: “There are so many things I find objectionable in the Republican tax bill but I am particularly offended by the difference in treatment between capital and labor.”

Texas: “The president and his wealthy cronies are the primary beneficiaries of the proposed tax cuts.”

Texas: “The move to repeal the individual mandate for the Affordable Care Act within tax reform legislation is misguided.”

Texas: “Many Republican lawmakers claim the bill would aid ‘Main Street,’ but they are wrong.”

Virginia: “As a small-business owner, I like to think that I know a good deal when I see one. … for me and other actual job creators, this is a bad deal.”

Wisconsin: “This proposed tax bill seems to be a giant giveaway to corporations and wealthy people. It increases or gives temporary crumbs to the middle class, and the loss of health insurance to an estimated 13 million people.”

Wisconsin: “Any hope of preserving programs like Medicare and Social Security are being dealt a death blow.”