Trump promised his tax law would benefit the middle class, but millions of taxpayers are receiving smaller refunds than they expected, and many are even having to pay more in taxes. Taxpayers are now calling out the Trump tax law for what it is: “a big scam” that is “not helping the middle class.”

Here are real stories of taxpayers hurt by Trump’s broken promises:

“It was a big scam that was put over on people that, ‘oh, these tax cuts are gonna be for everybody.’ They are not for everybody at all.” – Massachusetts taxpayer

“I don’t know who it’s helping, but it’s not helping the middle class.” – Massachusetts taxpayer

“I will never forget the moment, I thought ‘We look good’ and then we added in the next W-2 and my jaw hit the floor. There was no way I wanted to believe that what I was looking at was accurate.” – Oregon taxpayer

“We’re strapped…That’s three to four months of my daughter’s rent or half of her tuition.” – Illinois taxpayer

“I actually had to take out a signature loan from my credit union to pay my taxes and had to increase my monthly deductions by $300 to make sure I’m not hit hard next year. So not only am I hit with this tax hike, I am now more in debt and I have less income at my disposal each month.” – Disabled veteran

“It kills me. You get your savings to a certain level that you have a buffer, and then this happens.” – New Jersey taxpayer

“I plugged it all in and at first I thought oh my goodness we’re getting $8,000 back and then I realized it was the wrong color … so I went back in and checked everything and then I started to cry.” – Colorado taxpayer