TGIF: After DeSantis’ Week He Might Need His Own Support Group

Florida Governor Ron DeSentis had an absolutely disastrous week. Between pushing the Big Lie and actively making it harder for Black and Brown people to vote, repeatedly treating his staff horribly, and trying to take credit for President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, we can imagine DeSantis is happy it’s Friday. 

DeSantis was shredded by the Sun Sentinel for his cowardly decision to sign another Jim Crow 2.0 bill, taking him to task as he “keeps revealing his thin skin.”

Sun Sentinel Editorial: “Gov. Ron DeSantis came to West Palm Beach Thursday to sign a flawed and needless overhaul of state election laws. Not one county election supervisor was in favor of it. Republican and Democratic supervisors alike called the changes unnecessary and predict problems at the polls and a lower voter turnout when DeSantis himself runs for re-election next year.”

Sun Sentinel Editorial: “America gets another revealing glimpse of life under the iron-fisted rule of DeSantis in Florida, a place where the doors are shut tight to anyone who might question his wisdom or challenge his authority. Reporters and TV crews didn’t miss much at the closed bill signing, but that’s not the point. Locking out the media is the latest sign of DeSantis’ authoritarian grip on governing the nation’s third-largest state. He increasingly acts like his role model, the tyrannical Donald Trump, who picked petty fights with news outlets and cherry-picked reporters who tossed softball questions. Like Trump, DeSantis keeps revealing his thin skin, and his willful attacks on the press are dangerous in a free society.”

The headlines from DeSantis’ bill signing couldn’t have been any worse.

Miami Herald: “Republicans get away with cheating in voting bill DeSantis signs on Fox News” | Opinion

Sun Sentinel: “Secretive DeSantis signs flawed voting law that courts should reject” | Editorial

CNN: “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs restrictive voting bill”

NBC News: “Fla. becomes latest state to enact restrictive voting law as DeSantis signs bill on Fox News”

Washington Post: “Florida’s DeSantis signs new voting restrictions into law as Republicans rush to align with Trump’s false claims of fraud”

To make matters worse for DeSantis, new reports emerged that former DeSantis staff are so scarred by their time working for him, they have formed a support group for each other to trade stories about their experiences.

POLITICO Playbook: “Within six months of taking office as governor in 2019, DeSantis fired five staffers. One was a 23-year-old scheduler who’d been with him since the beginning of his gubernatorial race. Shortly after she was sent packing, an unnamed member of DeSantis’ administration was quoted in a Florida blog trashing her performance. A month later, his deputy chief of staff left, prompting Florida reporters to press him about the rapid churn in his operation. Another story relayed to us by five former staffers: At the beginning of his administration, DeSantis directed the Florida Republican Party leader to fire a party official who had cancer — on that person’s first week back from surgery. DeSantis often blames his staff for his own blunders, we’re told. After DeSantis went on Fox News in 2018 and implored Florida voters not to “monkey this up” by supporting his African American Democratic opponent for governor, he and his wife chewed out his campaign staff for not cleaning up the mess, according to three former staffers. Shortly after, DeSantis brought in a whole new group of advisers.”

The Hill: “A number of former staffers for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) have reportedly formed a “support group” in which they reflect on their hardships and difficult experiences from their time working for the governor.”