TGIF: Rick Scott Had A Terrible Week

The weekend wasn’t even over before NRSC Chair and Florida Senator Rick Scott’s terrible week started, where he had to continue to defend his plan for Senate Republicans to raise taxes on over half of Americans. Let’s take a look back at what happened:

SUNDAY: Not even Fox News bought Senator Rick Scott’s spin about his disastrous plan for America.

Politico: “Rick Scott debates what’s in his ‘Rescue America’ plan with Fox host”

Daily Beast: “Fox News Anchor Calls BS on GOP Senator’s Spin Over Taxing the Poor: ‘It’s in the Plan!’”

The Guardian: “Republican senator says tax rises in own plan are ‘Democratic talking points’”

Rolling Stone: “Rick Scott Can’t Even Get Fox News to Buy His Bullshit”

MONDAY: We were still watching the Fox News interview, and weren’t the only ones.

Miami Herald: “Rick Scott challenged on Fox News Sunday over tax hikes and sunsetting Medicare, Medicaid”

Florida Politics: “Rick Scott says it’s ‘unfair’ that poor people don’t pay income tax”

TUESDAY: Tuesday dawned and saw Senator Scott called out for lying yet again – this time about Social Security and Medicare, which Scott’s plan would sunset in five years. “In promoting his plan to ‘rescue America,’  Sen. Rick Scott went too far in claiming that Medicare will go ‘bankrupt’ in four years and Social Security in 12 years.” “We asked his office how he would reform the programs, but it did not respond. The senator’s 11-point plan also does not provide any proposal for changing the programs to make them more sustainable.”

WEDNESDAY: Rick Scott tried t0 defend his plan again, and this time compared himself to Ulysses S. Grant during the Civil War. No, we’re not joking. 

Associated Press: “‘I think of myself more like Grant taking Vicksburg, and I think as a result of that, I’m always going to be perceived as an outsider,’ Scott said in an interview. ‘I’m going to keep doing what I believe in whether everybody agrees with me or not.’”

Insider: “Sen. Rick Scott compares himself to Ulysses S. Grant ‘taking Vicksburg’ during the Civil War”

Politico Playbook: “A Sen. RICK SCOTT (R-Fla.) spot: ‘GOP’s Senate campaign chief won’t back down from party fight,’ by AP’s Steve Peoples and Brendan Farrington, who write Scott ‘likes to think of himself as Gen. ULYSSES S. GRANT during the Civil War.’”

THURSDAY: Senator Rick Scott delivered a speech at the Heritage Foundation where he blatantly lied about his agenda for the Republican Party and ignored the fact that his plan would raise taxes on millions of Americans.  

New York Times: “Income Taxes for All? Rick Scott Has a Plan, and That’s a Problem.”

Insider: “GOP Sen. Rick Scott says Republicans are ‘parroting’ Democratic attacks on his tax plan only hours after McConnell criticized it” 

FRIDAY: We can’t imagine anyone is happier that this week is over than Senator Rick Scott. 

The Hill: “Rick Scott agenda push baffles GOP”

MSNBC: “On proposed tax hikes, GOP’s Rick Scott just can’t help himself”

Real Clear Politics: “Rick Scott Wants All Americans To Pay Taxes. Even If It’s ‘Just A Dollar’”