TGIF: The Weekend Can’t Come Fast Enough for Republicans

If it’s another week in 2021 then you can guarantee it was awful for congressional Republicans, and this week wasn’t any different. From fully surrendering the GOP to Trump to denying the January 6 insurrection, Republicans really outdid themselves. 

Republicans had a truly awful week:

  • Punchbowl News: “If you’re someone who is interested in facts and reality, you’ll come to the same conclusion we have: It would be difficult to overstate how bad a week this was for House Republicans.” 
  • Former Republican Senator Jeff Flake on CNN: “I agree, it’s been an awful week for Republicans…the fact that this is the manifestation of a party that is unwilling to accept truth, that’s what’s really damaging.” 

They have completely transformed into the party of Trump and embraced his Big Lie:

  • NPR: “The Debate Is Over: Donald Trump Owns The Republican Party”
  • The New Yorker: “Somebody Should Tell Kevin McCarthy That Trump Is Still Lying About the 2020 Election”
  • HuffPost: “What Insurrection? Growing Number In GOP Are Downplaying Jan. 6”

And they still have no message on how to deliver for the American people:

  • NBC News: “What do Republicans want on the economy? They’re not sure anymore”