‘Thank You, Joe Biden:’ Chair Harrison Discusses How Democrats Defied History In The Midterm Elections

In case you missed it, this morning DNC Chair Jaime Harrison joined MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss how Democrats defied history in the midterm elections after investing $90 million on the ground, and how we’ll continue to build on that momentum thanks to the leadership of President Biden. 

We put $90 million on the ground… and we were able to defy history.

Chair Harrison: “We put $90 million on the ground, and we worked with our sister committees, state parties, unions – so many civic organizations – to make sure that we had the boots on the ground, and the volunteers and the voter protection program to make the difference in a very, very close election. […] Close elections are won on the ground. They’re not won on TV. People turn their TVs off, but when you knock on the doors, when you make phone calls, when you send text messages, those are the things that get people to the polls. And I think that really was helpful, along with young people and communities of color who were just so energized and excited to support a president and a party who actually supports them. And so all of that together was the cake that we baked, and we were able to defy history.”

I have to thank Joe Biden for putting the money in to help us do just that.” 

Chair Harrison: “We put the largest amount of money, since Howard Dean, into our state parties – and that’s just not one state party, all of the state parties. And the goal is to continue to build the infrastructure so that we can win in close races in these states, and in some states just compete once again. […] Now what we’re doing at the DNC now is rebuilding that infrastructure. Every state. We’re not leaving anybody behind, and we’re going to continue to make the investment – and I have to thank Joe Biden. I have to thank Joe Biden for putting the money in to help us do just that.