The ACA Continues to Save More Americans, While Trump and GOP Continue Trying to Repeal It

More Americans have a better chance at beating cancer, thanks to the ACA:

Bloomberg: “The number of Americans whose cancers were diagnosed at the earliest stage, when it’s most likely to be cured, increased after Obamacare went into effect and more citizens had access to health insurance, a new study found.”

Low-income patients have increased access to more affordable health insurance:

ABC News: “A new study published today in Health Affairs shows that the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion not only increased insurance coverage rates but also improved access and affordability among low-income patients over the last three years.”

Los Angeles Times: “Low-income patients in Arkansas and Kentucky, two states that expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, are getting check-ups more regularly and delaying care because of cost less frequently … In Arkansas and Kentucky, for example, the share of poor adults who had a check-up in the past year jumped by more than 12 percentage points between 2013 and 2016, increasing in Arkansas from 45% to nearly 57% and in Kentucky from 46% to 58%.”

Medicaid expansion states have given their residents far better access to health insurance:

Houston Chronicle: “After implementing their expansions, the uninsured rate among the poor in Arkansas and Kentucky dropped swiftly and dramatically. In Kentucky, the rate plummeted among its poor residents to just 7.4 percent in 2016 from 40.2 percent in 2013. In Arkansas, the rate fell to 11.7 percent last year from 41.8 percent in 2013.”

Despite these positive developments, Trump and Congressional Republicans insist on pushing a deeply harmful repeal of the ACA and a disastrous replacement.

The GOP’s TrumpCare bill could drive up premiums for 6 million Americans with pre-existing conditions.

NBC News: “More than 6 million Americans have pre-existing health conditions and patchy health insurance coverage that would leave them vulnerable to stiff premium hikes under the new Republican health plan, according to a new analysis published Wednesday…The new bill does allocate money for states to use to cover people too sick to buy affordable insurance in what are called high-risk pools. But physician groups, public health experts and independent consultants widely agree the pools never worked well before and say the money set aside is not nearly enough to cover everyone who would qualify.”

The White House and the GOP efforts to sabotage the ACA are already destabilizing the market, which makes the price of insurance more expensive.

The Atlantic: “Still, the broad strokes of Republican health-care reform—a repeal of insurance mandates under the Affordable Care Act, massive cuts to long-term Medicaid spending, federal grants for state high-risk pooling, loosening of restrictions on insurers, and a private-insurance tax-credit scheme that makes care more expensive for poor people and the most costly patients—seem unlikely to change.

The GOP health care repeal bill would result in cuts to Medicaid funding for children:

The Hill: ” The House GOP’s ObamaCare replacement bill would result in a cut of $43 billion over 10 years in funding for Medicaid coverage of children, according to a new study.  The study from the consulting firm Avalere finds that the cuts to coverage for non-disabled children would come as a result of a new cap on Medicaid payments that the bill would impose, known as a per capita cap.”