The Build Back Better Framework Is Popular

Today, President Biden announced a historic Build Back Better Framework. From child care to universal pre-k to cutting taxes for the middle class and tackling the climate crisis, the American people have made it clear time and time again that they support President Biden’s proposed investments in the American middle class, and paying for it by ensuring the wealthiest and corporations pay what they owe.

President Biden’s framework invests in the middle class by cutting taxes for middle-class families and making the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share.

Newsweek: “80% of Americans Bothered Corporations, Wealthy Don’t Pay ‘Fair Share’ of Taxes: Poll”

Navigator Polling: “Americans – and independents more specifically – bring up the wealthiest Americans and corporations needing to pay their fair share in taxes.”

By investing in universal pre-k and extending the child tax cut, President Biden is investing in our children and working families.

NPR: “1 in 3 working families is struggling to find the child care they desperately need”

Yahoo Finance: “Why Child Care Still Plays a Significant Role in Getting Parents Back to Work”

The Build Back Better Framework presents the largest effort to combat climate change in history. 

CBS News: “Most Americans say climate change is a crisis, new study shows”

Morning Consult: “Half of U.S. Voters Now Characterize Climate Change as a ‘Critical Threat’”

Associated Press: “The new AP-NORC/EPIC poll also shows that 55% of Americans want Congress to pass a bill to ensure that more of the nation’s electricity comes from clean energy and less from climate-damaging coal and natural gas.”

With this framework, the American people will see the biggest expansion of affordable health care in a decade. 

Build Back Together Poll: “Based on our findings, it’s clear that there’s strong majority support in battleground congressional districts for a robust legislative package that lowers the cost of essentials like health care and cuts taxes for the middle class, paid for by taxing the ultra-wealthy and big corporations.”

Gallup: “Seven in ten (70%) U.S. adults say lowering health insurance premiums should be a high priority for President Joe Biden and his administration”