The DeSaster Continues: A Roundup of Ron DeSantis’ Terrible Weekend 

Ron DeSantis’ campaign launch was a horrific failure, and it’s been floundering ever since.

This weekend’s headlines serve as a pretty good indicator that this won’t change anytime soon.

ABC News: DeSantis campaign cuts roughly a dozen campaign staffers, with more shakeups expected: Sources

ABC News: DeSantis weighs media strategy shift as donors fret about early campaign struggles: Sources

Associated Press: DeSantis presidential campaign is cutting staff as new financial pressure emerges

Bloomberg: Ron DeSantis Resets 2024 Bid With Six Months Until Voting Starts

CBS News: Ron DeSantis campaign fires staffers after fundraising shows high spending rate

CNN: DeSantis fundraising slowed after initial campaign launch, filing shows

The Hill: DeSantis team a little lighter after campaign sheds staff

HuffPost: Ron DeSantis Cuts Staff, Shifts Media Strategy Amid Struggling Campaign

NBC News: Ron DeSantis’ campaign finances have some flashing warning signs

NBC News: Ron DeSantis fires roughly a dozen staffers in campaign shake-up

New York Times: DeSantis Sheds Staff Amid Heavy Spending

Politico: DeSantis campaign sheds staff amid cash crunch

Politico: DeSantis’ fundraising report shows signs of strength and real spots of trouble

Politico: Playbook: DeSantis in disarray?

Semafor: Ron DeSantis runs for president, take two

Washington Post: ‘A long slog’: Inside DeSantis’s early struggles and effort to rebound